VISION and Mission

Aspiring to be a leading & competitive company delivering high-quality nutritional food products & related services to all its

A step towards a healthier society by providing our customers as well as our consumers with the high-quality nutritional food products & related services across wide range of categories of food & beverages suited to their different needs, lifestyles & cultures worldwide.

To accelerate the production, processing, and promoting of worldwide to enable consumers to opt for more millet-based healthy foods.

To accelerate the production, processing, and promoting of the age-old nutritious fox nuts & its related products worldwide.

To process & promote the raw Indian spices & their related products.

To produce, process & promote healthier alternatives of the various food products.

Our Values

We're dedicated to crafting diverse, nutritious millet-based products, perfect for health-conscious consumers seeking flavorful options.


We are dedicated to supporting these initiatives and improving the lifestyle of people in India and Indians worldwide. We aim to make millet-based foods a staple in daily diets by offering convenient, ready-to-cook, and ready-to-eat options. Our products are designed to cater to diverse dietary needs, including those of health-conscious individuals, children, and the elderly. By providing delicious and nutritious millet-based alternatives, we help people transition to healthier lifestyles.

We also focus on sustainable packaging and practices to ensure our operations contribute positively to the environment. Through our efforts, we hope to play a significant role in the global resurgence of millets, promoting their benefits and making them accessible to all.


What ADAS Offer

We have a wide variety of product so that our clients have good options.



Enjoy our nutritious millet-based chillas, perfect for a quick, healthy meal. These savory pancakes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, providing sustained energy and great taste. Easy to prepare and versatile, they can be enjoyed with your favorite toppings. Experience delicious healthy goodness with every bite.



Enjoy our millet-based idlis, a healthy twist on a classic favorite. These soft, steamed cakes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, offering a nutritious and energizing meal. Perfect for breakfast or a light snack, they pair wonderfully with chutneys and sambar. Savor the wholesome goodness with every bite.



Delight in our millet-based upma, a nutritious and flavorful dish. Made from nutrient-rich millets, it's packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Perfect for a wholesome breakfast or a light meal, this savory upma is easy to prepare and deliciously satisfying. Enjoy health and taste in every bite.



Experience the wholesome goodness of our millet-based rotis. Nutritious and delicious, these soft, pliable flatbreads are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Perfect for any meal, they pair well with a variety of dishes. Enjoy a healthy, flavorful alternative to traditional rotis with every bite.



Savor the goodness of our millet-based meals, crafted for health and flavor. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and fiber, they offer a delicious and nutritious dining experience. Versatile and easy to prepare, these meals provide a perfect balance of taste and wellness, elevating your dietary choices effortlessly.



Elevate your meal with our tangy chutney and aromatic sambar. Crafted from fresh ingredients, our chutneys burst with flavor, while our sambar, rich in lentils and vegetables, adds depth to every bite. These authentic accompaniments enhance any dish, delivering a delightful dining experience.


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